MSME Financial Education and Business Competencies

SMEs and entrepreneurs can only reach their full potential if they obtain the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude to start, sustain and grow their business. The OECD/INFE report on financial education for MSMEs and potential entrepreneurs notes that MSMEs need a wide range of general & specific business competencies,

including the financial management skills, digital skills and the skills that will enable them to effectively negotiate and operate within a business environment, the ability to manage a business and other people, and the sector-specific skills that can help them to succeed in competitive and volatile environments.

We work with MSMEs and Potential Entrepreneurs to built-up competencies to grow their business with Financial Landscape & Business Planning, Risk and Insurance, Branding & Digital Marketing, Customer Analytics (CRM), Logistics, Supply-chain and Inventory Management.

How Does It Work?

  • Financial Landscape & Business Planning
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Continuous technology innovation
  • Logistics, Supply-chain and Inventory Management
  • Branding & Digital Marketing
  • Customer Analytics (CRM)


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